What benefits does superQuery provide with regard to GDPR compliance?

One of the architectural benefits of the superQuery platform is that it creates a single, governed location for users to access data. This reduces data sprawl, leverages the world class security of today's most advanced databases, and gives administrators control over who's accessing data and how long it's cached for. The superQuery platform helps businesses to empower users to analyze data and gain insights to drive business outcomes, but leaves control of your data where it belongs, in your hands.

What personal data does superQuery collect and store, and for what purposes?

superQuery holds two classes of data: information about superQuery users and the customer data necessary to answer users' queries.

For more information on how we collect and use personal data, you can find our privacy policy here:

May I opt out of superQuery Communications?

Yes. We retain basic user contact information to communicate with our customers and their users about product and security updates, relevant marketing, training and events. superQuery users may opt out of communications by email to support@superquery.io or by clicking unsubscribe at the bottom of any email.

Where does superQuery host customer data?

superQuery hosted instances are hosted in the Amazon Web Services cloud and Google cloud service.

Has superQuery evaluated its security policies, management, and controls to meet GDPR?

Our data security program is designed to ensure that the policies, controls and processes are appropriate to the type of personal data and data processing collected. You can find our security policy here: https://superQuery.com/doc/security.doc.html

How long does superQuery retain customer data? Will superQuery delete customer data when requested?

As a customer of superQuery, you remain in control of your data and data about your users. When you remove users from your superQuery instance, their data will be removed from superQuery's databases within 30 days. If you wish to delete a superQuery user's account data, we have a process to permanently anonymize the data by data engineering. If you would like superQuery to delete your customer data or superQuery user account detail, please send an email to support@superquery.io.